Nope, that 565 μs is the entire JFA outline effect. 1920 x 1080, 50 pixel radius outlines… on an RTX 2080 Super. It’s a very fast GPU. That’s the cost of the init pass, 6 jump floods, and the decode / outline pass. So 8 passes.

It is not taking into account the cost of generating the silhouette or stencil, which would be variable depending on how many and the complexity of the objects you’re rendering. With my test mesh, this was under 150 μs.

So around 700 μs for all of it, the silhouette, the stencil, the JFA init and floods, and the decode.

The code is all provided if you want to try it yourself. Obviously if you don’t have an RTX 2080 Super, or run at a higher resolution, it won’t be as fast, but it should still be quite fast.

Tech Artist & Graphics Programmer lately focused on Unity VR game dev.

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